Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This spring is such a strange, new season

Athens seems like a much different place from what it was when I left it 11 days ago. It's a learning process to get used to all of the differences, some of them I'm still not crazy about. I have less time with Cait, more time alone, a lot less hair and more responsibility.

Cait left for France about a week ago and I'm really realizing that the world is much different when the one you love is not there. For a while it was hard to see any good that could come from this situation, but I'm learning and things get a little easier each day.

Because our girlfriends are on other continents for the quarter, Paul and I shaved our heads. It seemed much more logical talking about it last quarter. Now we just look goofy, and our girlfriends are still out of the country. I do feel a heightened bond between Paul and myself, however.

I am now a Resident Assistant in one of the nicest dorms on campus. I've really enjoyed getting to know my residents. It's a slow process because there are a lot of them, but I'm working on it. I'm really impressed by the bond that they share and by how they fill their time. They're pretty cool guys and I'm happy to live with them. My room is amazing. I have a double all to myself and I do love my room. It has helped make this quarter better.

Hopefully I'll have more to post soon!