Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Home from King's Domain

As they say, all good things must come to an end. How could Summer Project be any different? I have been home since Saturday and I'm still trying to adjust to life away from camp and all of the amazing people whom I have lived with for the past six weeks.

For many reasons, Week 6 proved to be a challenge, but God brought me through it. I have been learning lately that as difficult as things are in life sometimes, we weren't created for this world. We are eternal beings and so it doesn't make sense that we were only purposed to live here on earth and then just exist for eternity with no purpose. As Wendell Deyo, King's Domain President, told us, "we are not human beings on a spiritual adventure. We are spiritual beings on a human adventure."

Since I've been home, I went to 707 Sunday night. It was AWESOME. They had a drum circle for worship, which I was a little skeptical of beforehand, but the worship was amazing! Check it out here.

I head back to school on Monday to what will be a very trying time, but at times God has given me an unsurpassed peace in knowing that He is at work and that when everything is resolved I'm going to be really transformed. I'm excited!

One last thing: for the love of music, buy David Crowder Band's Remedy Club Tour CD/DVD. It's terrific.

That is all.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

One week left...

It's update time! Things are going great here at King's Domain and I'm so bummed that we only have one week left.

God has done some amazing things since I last posted. Two weeks ago, I was put in Cabin 6, the cabin with the oldest boys. I was excited to have this new age group, but they proved to be quite a challenge. It didn't take long for the nine of them to decide that they were not into listening to me, nor doing discipline (which is different than punishment. We discipline here, because it is done out of love and we do it with them). On the second day, four out of nine of my boys were sent home because they had such little desire to be here. Once they left, the remaining five boys were GREAT. They were no longer influenced by the others and I was able to show so much more patience, compassion and grace to them. The night before they went home they heard the Gospel and all five of them prayed to recieve Christ when we got back to the cabin. Praise God! I could not figure out what He was doing that week, but He made it abundantly clear that He is in control and nothing will stop Him from getting His Word to the people who he chooses to hear it.

This past week, a decision was made to have only four cabins so that each cabin could have two counselors- a VERY wise move. The kids were from a program called Whiz Kids and they were soooo good. It was really a contrast from the past week, but God blessed my socks off through it. Each of the kids I had this week had such unique personalities, which didn't always show in the best ways, but made me appreciate them even more.

We are in our last full weekend and I'm really bummed out. I have made some amazing friends here and I'm not so keen on the idea of all of us going in separate directions. Here's to one more amazing week!