Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Athens Gets International Taste

Athens recently held the annual International Street Fair. Court Street was blocked off and different ethnicities and causes were represented. Some sold goods, some sold food, some distributed information and some did cultural dances on the stage set up by the court house.

It was a very neat way to showcase the cultural diversity that is not always so apparent on our campus.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Where in the world have I been? Ohio.

After a month, I think it's time for another post.

Looking back at the last month, I really have done a lot. I had a lot of good times with friends, some not so good times when I've been missing Cait and the Lord has been teaching me new things the whole time, especially lately.

Hiking and exploring has been something that I've really gotten into this quarter. I have loved going to Strouds Run and Old Man's Cave on weekends to do some exploring with friends. Really we've only gone twice, but each time has been great, and that's two times more than I had ever done something like that before at college. Having a car has made all the difference.

My friends and I have found fun in going to Wal-Mart, looking at the toys and trying on goofy hats.

We have even found enjoyment in 90's pop music, as seen here:

Like I said, the Lord has been working in my heart and teaching me valuable lessons while Cait has been in France. The two most recent things have been to be patient, and to trust in Him rather than worry. The bottom line is that as much as I think I want to be in control, God's plan is soooo much better than mine. Rather than be impatient and do what I think I should do, rather than worry, the best I can do is completely trust that the Lord is good and that He is in control. I cannot be trusted with my future, but God can, so I'm trying to get out of the way and let Him steer.

I will be spending six weeks in Oregonia, Ohio this summer on Summer Project with Campus Crusade for Christ. I will be working at King's Domain, a camp for kids in the Cincinnati area. I'm so excited to go and show these kids the love of Christ! I'm currently working on getting support letters in the mail. After a few pretty spiritually dry vacations, I'm excited to have this opportunity to grow and serve my God.

Thanks for reading! If you made it this far, you must really like me. :-)